Trail Clothing: Sun Protection

Trail Clothing: Sun Protection

Spending time on and off trail, in the great outdoors, we usually imagine picturesque landscapes, beautiful sun, fresh air, and good times. It is easy to forget some of the hidden dangers of being outdoors, sometimes days at a time. The sun, in all its glory, can also present hidden dangers in the form of invisible, UV rays.

UV rays can be damaging to your skin, potentially leading to skin cancer and skin aging (skin spots, wrinkles, leathery skin, etc). In fact, sunburn is a sign that your skin has been exposed to more sunlight than it could handle.

We often think of summertime as when sun protection is needed, but it is important to know that sun protection is important all year long. Even on the cloudy, overcast days, UV rays can make their way to you and your skin.

We all try to remember the sun screen and staying in the shade when possible. Sometimes it is easy to forget the importance of coverage. Having clothing cover your skin provides an additional barrier for the sun's UV rays to have to get past before touching your skin.

The challenge with clothing offering more coverage comes with heat and comfort. In order to balance things out, consider long sleeves and long pants that offer skin protection from the sun, but also are comfortable. Garments should ideally be breathable, moisture wicking, quick dry, etc. The more comfortable you can be, the easier it is to stay protected.

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